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Go Further and Higher

Study theology and philosophy for six academic credits during a summer of prayer, evangelization, and fellowship with the Community of Saint John.

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About the Ecclesia Institute

WELCOME to Ecclesia, where the Saints of the Third Millenium are formed and the protagonists of a New Evangelization can come to pray, study, and live in the “deep waters” of Catholic Faith. We invite you to join us this summer. Discover Jesus Christ in a whole new way. Whet your appetite for truth. Experience the joy of true unity and charity with others who share your Faith.

In response to Pope John Paul II’s call to a New Evangelization, Ecclesia offers you the opportunity to earn undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education credits, all while experiencing a summer of prayer, study, evangelization, and fellowship with other young people from across the country. Ecclesia seeks to especially serve those young people who are looking for a deeper and more intense experience of Christ and His Church. We want to form young persons with what is best and most authentic in our Catholic Tradition: the life of the Church herself.

Incredible landscape

Persons of a variety of backgrounds and interests will join the Brothers and Apostolic Sisters of the Community of Saint John from June 29-August 3. Join us as we kick off the Ecclesia program with four days of back-packing in the North Dakota Badlands and then dive into the New Evangelization together. We want to help form evangelizers and leaders: those wanting to be Saints wherever they find themselves in the Church.

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Learn more about the Eagle Eye program: EagleEyeMinistries.org

Where you'll be

University of Mary

You'll stay at the expansive, hill-top campus of the University of Mary in beautiful North Dakota. The campus has a tremendous view overlooking the Missouri River, and we'll spend several days backpacking in the nearby Badlands as well as visiting nearby cultural and historical sites.

How much it costs

The cost for Ecclesia includes six credit hours–three in theology and three in philosophy–in addition to food, lodging, transportation, study materials, and entertainment.

  • Undergraduate: $3,500
  • Continuing Education: $1,900 (no credits granted)

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